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Azalea View Skiathos, Apartments Skiathos: Contact Us

Dear friends and visitors of Azalea Apartments in Skiathos.

Thank you for taking the time and browsing through our website; we hope that you have found all the information that you need to make your vacation planning a relaxing experience.  If you need any additional assistance for your holiday planning or are looking for answers to any other concern about Skiathos please contact Azalea Apartments of Skiathos using one of the following methods:


Mailing Address:

Azalea Apartments, Skiathos, 37002

c/o Nina Mastoraki


Tel: +302427022385

GSM: +306932382332


W: www.azalea-skiathos.gr | E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How to find us!

About us

Azalea View Apartments complex of Skiathos is located in Megali Ammos and is operated by Giorgo Parissis and Nina Mastoraki of Creator Cars & Living.  The apartment complex offers fully furnished accommodations for relaxing holidays in Skiathos.  

Welcome to Skiathos and enjoy your holidays with us.


Contact us

Tel: +302427022385 | GSM:+306932382332

E: creatortours@yahoo.gr | W: www.azalea-skiathos.gr